Armalite AR-10 Waffle Magazines

Armalite AR-10 Waffle Magazines


Armalite AR-10 Waffle Magazines. Original Factory Armalite waffle magazine for AR-10 style rifles. Fit 7.62 or .308 calibre rifles. These original Armalite mag’s have become rare!

In excellent original condition.


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34 250 Ft

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Armalite AR-10 Waffle Magazines


Under the guidance of former Marine and former Army Ordnance technician, Eugene Stoner, the AR-10 became the main focus of attention. Army officials asked Armalite to develop a smaller version of the AR-10 in 1956 as a potential replacement for the M1 Garand. The ensuing rifle was called the AR-15 and was produced with aircraft grade aluminum receivers, weighing less than seven pounds. In 1959, the AR-10 was licensed to the Dutch Arsenal, Artillerie Inrichtingen, for sale on the international market and then to Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company, along with the AR-15.

Shortly thereafter, Armalite began development of a new rifle, the AR18. Development of the AR-16 (which was later dropped due to the Army’s adoption of the M-14) and AR-17 12-gauge shotgun begins. The AR-7 Explorer becomes the first commercial rifle produced by Armalite. It is the civilian version of the Air Force adopted AR-5 Survival Rifle.

Founded in 1954 by Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation, ArmaLite is best known as the originator of the AR-10™ and AR-15 platform firearms. Today, ArmaLite is owned by Strategic Armory Corps. We are comprised of a diverse group of individuals from a multitude of backgrounds; however, we all exhibit the highest level of commitment to innovation, product development, and customer service for the firearms industry.

As we proudly celebrate over 60 years of innovation that dates back to the rifle that developed into the largest single market segment of the sporting industry, the Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR), we are focused on ArmaLite building high-quality, innovative, and dependable firearms for the American people.

In 2011, Strategic Armory Corps acquired Armalite. The Phoenix based parent company also owns Surgeon Rifles, AWC Suppressors, McMillan Firearms, and NEXUS Ammo. Strategic Armory Corps continues to work to ensure that the Armalite legacy of precision, quality, and durability grows even stronger.




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