An essential component for the shotshell handloader who wants to save money and produce shot pellets customized to specific hardness requirements. The original Littleton Shotmaker was legendary among serious shotgunners; this model incorporates improvements that make casting your own shot easy and repeatable. It’s like having your own shot tower in a compact package that takes up less than one cubic foot of space. Produces up to 45 lbs. of No. 7½ shot per hour. You can easily experiment with different lead alloys to produce harder shot for less deformation, uniform patterns, and more hits. Simply place at least 6 lbs. of clean lead, with impurities removed, in the Shotmaker’s aluminum alloy ladle, and flip the switch on. When the lead reaches its melting temperature and liquefies, it’ll begin pouring out the Shotmaker’s drippers in little streams that are actually individual lead balls. As they drop into a pan of coolant you provide, pink RV antifreeze used undiluted only, you’ve cast your own No. 7½ lead shot. Durable, steel-and-aluminium construction with heavy-duty electrical components ensure years of trouble-free service.


326 500 Ft

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SPECS: Steel, powder-coated, gloss blue. 12” (cm) long x 12” wide x 5” (cm) high. 17 lb. (kg) weight. 110 volt AC. Produces No. 7½ shot.

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