Aguila Centurion High Velocity 40gr .22LR

Centurion High Velocity 40gr .22LR


Centurion High Velocity 40gr .22LR. The Aguila name has been synonymous with innovative products and fun, novelty loads since its inception in Morelos, Mexico in the 1960’s. It started as a project in conjunction with the Remington Arms company and has since gone its own way and been quite profitable and has been getting headlines for all the cool stuff it is doing with rimfire and shotgun ammunition. This is their baseline product (Centurion) that most shooters of rimfire are familiar with. The 38 grain projectile in the brass casing shoots a hollow point profile at 1280 feet per second velocity at the bore making it a relatively potent round for the money. It is value priced, well made and offers a lot of shooting for only a little bit of money.

This is Centurion .22 Long Rifle 40gr. High Velocity Solid Point Ammo. This ammo travels at 1240 FPS. It is manufactured for Centurion Ammunition by Aguila. This is excellent quality ammunition for the price, it is very accurate and reliable. It comes packed in 50rd. boxes.


Guns Magazine: Aguila's Rimfires

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38 Ft