Sprinco M4 / CAR-15 Enhanced Power Carbine Spring #25008

Tactical Springs LLC M4 / CAR-15 Enhanced Power Carbine Spring Reliability Kit in Hard Tube (Includes ENHANCED POWER Moly Plated Chrome Silicon Buffer Spring (BLUE) & Extra Power 5-Coil Chrome Silicon Bolt Carrier Extractor Spring)

Sprinco Blue AR-15 / M4 Enhanced Power Carbine Buffer Spring

Sprinco AR-15 buffer springs are made from high quality Chrome Silicon wire stock which is used in a variety of applications from Formula One to motor valve springs which can see up to 15,000,000 compression cycles in a single race. This makes it the perfect choice for a carbine which will see far less cycles than that over it’s lifetime. In order for this carbine buffer spring to retain its strength, Sprinco heat treats, shot peens, and treats each spring with a proprietary formula that retains spring efficiency for as long as you have your rifle. Sprinco buffer springs are a great option to improve the long-term reliability of your AR-15.

This enhanced buffer spring has been proven to work well with setups with mid length gas systems and short-barrelled rifles with carbine length gas systems.


8 420 Ft

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Enhanced Power Buffer Spring. The design loads of the Blue spring are approximately 15% greater than the White spring for one of the considered Load Constants in the spring design. Refer to provided tuning procedure reference documents prior to calling for recommendations. We were encouraged to manufacture the Blue spring by Mike Pannone of CTT Solutions, who modified one of our Red springs and recommended that we offer a spring with the loads of the Blue spring to address the high performance demands of other specimen platforms. While contemporary internet forum lore leans towards the use of the Blue spring with an H2 or ST-T2 buffer for 14.5 - 16” ML carbines, nothing is set in stone due to the vast range of gas port values in the wild that have come into play since we first entered the arena. Color Coded BLUE.

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