Thompson Center Snail Capper for #11 Percussion Caps

Thompson Center U-View #11 Capper


Thompson Center U-View #11 Capper. Thompson Center #11 Cap U-View Capper 7226 is a traditional capping tool for use with #11 caps. Though they work well, the real beauty of this Thompson Center reloading tool is its transparent case, which allows you to see just how many caps you have and what condition they’re in. Built specifically for muzzleloaders that use #11 caps, these reloading tools can hold up to 100 caps.

The traditional shape of the Thompson U-View #11 Capping Tool makes it easy to use for reloading veterans and front-loader newbies alike, and a simple thumb actuated mechanism is all the capper needs to get your ammo ready for shooting. T/C Arms has made the capper large enough to fit 100 caps, more than enough for a day at the range. Always stay on top of your cap count and quality when you use the Thompson U-View Transparent Capper.

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19 950 Ft

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Thompson Center U-View #11 Capper


Specifications for TC Arms #11 U-View 100 Cap Capper:


Capacity: 100
Caps: #11


Features of Thompson Center U View Thumb Actuated Capper:

  • Capper tool for muzzleloader rifles by Thompson Center
  • Transparent casing allows you to count casings and judge quality
  • Traditional shaped capper is easy to use
  • Thumb actuated mechanism for simple operation
  • Hole for lanyard or thong attachment
  • Holds up to 100 #11 caps
  • Designed specifically for #11 caps


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