Turner Richards Dummy Launcher

Turner Richards, the original British designer and manufacturer of the Dummy Launcher.

Developed and proven for over 30 years, it is now used at Gundog Trials and Working Tests throughout the world.

It trains your dog to work to shot under conditions of control and to be steady under gunfire.

Retrieves can be achieved over walls, fences and into water at distance.

The range can be varied and by firing and bouncing the dummy along the ground it is possible to imitate a shot rabbit.


39 950 Ft

1 in stock

Tested at the Birmingham Proof House.

Easy to operate.

Saves time and effort.

Fitted with a Recoil Handle

Uses.22 Nitro powder Long Blanks.

We also stock many of the Turner Richards Dummy Launcher accessories, please contact us.

This is the real McCoy, buy Turner Richards, not a copy!

Beware of imitations!