About us

At Guntopia we are aiming to be the “one stop” shop for all your shooting requirements.

We are very much into IPSC Practical Shooting with pistol, rifle, shotgun and PCC but also try and cater for all aspects of range shooting and hunting.

We are the exclusive Hungarian agents for BUL Armoury, STI Staccato 2011 handguns, ADC Custom Rifles, Laugo Arms Alien pistols and Holosun and we are hoping to add more agencies before too long.

If you have any questions or queries then please do not hesitate to phone  +36 30 304 3036 or email us at info@guntopia.hu 

Unfortunately people complain that we are hard to get hold of at times. We are not open all of the time but if you call us we will be there. This is due to our other commitments & we do apologise for not being always available. We also have a gun store in the United Kingdom and spend some of the year there. We do go to auctions, arms fairs & trade shows and occasionally go shooting. Some days we’re not here at all but lately we’ve been here most of the time except when we’ve been somewhere else. Please make sure that if you are travelling any distance to visit, phone or email us first just to make sure that we are here so that we can tell you if we’re not!