Armi Jager AP74 .22LR Semi-Auto Rifle – Smooth Bore (Second Hand)

Armi Jager AP74 .22LR Semi-Auto Rifle – Smooth Bore


Armi Jager AP15 .22LR Semi-Auto Rifle. The gun manufacturer was active since the early 1950s, manufacturing semi-automatic .22 rimfire sporting rifles and replica “Western” revolvers. Later it evolved to rimfire and small-caliber centerfire (.32 ACP) firearms patterned after the look of military rifles which at the time were difficult or illegal to own for civilians in Italy. Some of its best-known products were several .22 rimfire versions styled after the M16 rifle, known as the AP-74 and AP-74M; replicas of the Armalite AR-18 assault rifle, known as the AP-75; replicas of the Russian Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle, known as the AP-80; replicas of the British SA-80 bull-pup rifle, known as the AP-82; replicas of the Israeli Galil assault rifle, known as the AP-84; replicas of the French FA-MAS bull-pup rifle, known as the AP-85. The factory sold most of its designs under the trade name Adler. The Armi Jager production saw significant sales in Italy and exports in the United States, earning a reputation as high-quality plinking rifles.

Firearms production at Jager ended by early 1993, according to the old owner Mr. Piscetta for “lack of skilled personnel”.

This is a lovely second hand rifle in almost “as new” condition.

** This is a smooth bore rifle **

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Armi Jager AP74


Stock Number:


89 950 Ft