ATN X SIGHT II HD 5 – 20X SMART DAY/NIGHT SCOPE. Elevate your hunting and precision shooting experience to a new level with the X-Sight II HD 5-20x Digital Day/Night Riflescope from ATN. This Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capable day/night vision device features the Obsidian II Core processor, High Definition (HD) video sensor and optics, built-in GPS, and multitude of in-view functions, reticles, and ballistic calculators. At a billion cycles per second, the Obsidian II core seamlessly manages high definition sensors, micro-display, large files, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity. It allows you to activate and use layers of functionalities like green and black night vision or day color screens, various reticle patterns, and windage and ballistic data and calculators. One defining highlight of this riflescope’s capabilities is its Recoil Activated Video, which automatically activates video recording (1080p at 30 fps) when a built-in accelerator senses a recoil. This feature allows you to concentrate on your game or targets and automatically captures scenes and actions in your field of view right after you make that perfect shot. With the built-in Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi capabilities, you can have others view on connected iOS or Android devices what you see on your micro-display in real time. Other noteworthy highlights are: the Smart Profile Manager, which allows you to save your personalized ballistic data; the Obsidian Shooting Solution, which provides wind and ballistic calculators to make your life easier; and the Smart Rangefinder, which automatically calculates a point of impact for new targets. You can save your data on the internal 4GB memory or an external 64GB micro-SD card. The scope also offers a micro-HDMI output port and a micro-USB port for use with an optional external battery pack.

Beyond its digital capabilities, this riflescope features an enviable High Definition optics with a wide 5° field of view. To give you with the opportunity for distance and precision shooting, the riflescope offers a generous 5-20x zooming capabilities. To extend your range at night and to provide visibility in total darkness, also included is a detachable infrared illuminator. If you need more infrared light to cast on your targets, you can use a Picatinny accessory rail attached on the left side of the scope. This rail can also be used to mount other accessories, like aiming laser devices or flashlights. The black anodized aluminum housing is durable and lightweight. It offers a water-resistant performance that allows you to use this scope in any weather conditions. On the top of this optic you will find a compact control pad with bright-red menu buttons and a knurled internal focusing knob. To offer you a comfortable and safe viewing experience and to prevent spillover of light from the display, the eyepiece offers a long 65 mm eye relief and a wide rubber eyecup. For attaching to your firearm, the housing has a built-in Picatinny mount.

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415 950 Ft

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Sensor, Video, HD Micro-Display

  1. Digital night/day sensor
  2. High Definition (HD) 1080p ATN L130 Sensor
  3. High Definition micro-display
  4. System Resolution: 160 lp/mm
  5. Recording resolution: 1080p at 30 fps
  6. Built-in microphone

Obsidian Core II

  1. Core runs a billion cycles per second
  2. Handles multiple sensors smoothly
  3. Able to process large files quickly
  4. Allows customization


  1. Green night view, black and white night, and color day view
  2. Displays in-view menu, functions
  3. Obsidian Shooting Solution: wind/ballistic data and calculators
  4. Recoil Activated Video (RAV) automatically records your shots
  5. Profile Manager saves your personalized ballistic data
  6. Smart Rangefinder automatically calculates a point of impact
  7. Smart HD Channel allow for easy recording and sharing of videos
  8. Smooth Zoom provides contentious zooming
  9. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allow sharing and simultaneous viewing on smart devices
  10. Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems

Optical Performance & Reticle

  1. 5-20x magnification
  2. 85mm objective lens focal length
  3. Infrared illuminator to cast extra light on targets at night
  4. 240' at 1000 yd linear field of view
  5. Eye relief is 65mm
  6. Multiple digital colour reticles

GPS, E-Compass, 3D Gyroscope

  1. GPS: geotagging and elevation
  2. GS7 3D Gyroscope
  3. E-Compass
  4. 3D accelerometer
  5. 3D magnetometer
  6. Gyroscopic rangefinder

Electronics Compatibility

  1. Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 4.1 compatible
  2. Compatible with iOS and Android smart devices
  3. On-board internal memory: 4GB
  4. Additional micro-SD slot: up to 64GB
  5. Micro-USB port of external battery pack
  6. Micro-HDMI port

Construction Details

  1. Weather-resistant
  2. Internal focusing knob
  3. Wide rubber eyecup
  4. Interchangeable Picatinny mount
  5. Side-mounted Picatinny accessory rail



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