AW Custom HX2002 PISTOL Gas BB Pistol

Are you bored with standard 1911-series pistol designs? HX2002 from AW Custom is definitely eye-catching.
Serrations on the sides of the frame not only looks great but also improves replica manipulations. Lightening cuts also help to return on the target more easily after each shot.
On the top we can find fibre sights – a great solution to improve sight visibility even in low light situations. The safety lever is placed on the left and the right side.
The last thing on the outside that makes this pistol a pleasure to use is an extended magwell allowing to make quicker magazine reloads. On the inside AW Custom make sure that quality of the parts will guarantee long and flawless time of use.
All of the above make this quick shooting pistol a great option whether it will be put on Action Air competition or airsoft field – it will outperform the competition.

** Ammunition, Firearms and any Licensed components are not available to order online. Due to current Firearms Legislation these items are collection only and can only be purchased upon production of the necessary Firearms Permits. If you would like to purchase this item then please contact us on or call +36 30 304 3036 **


76 250 Ft