Beeswax 28g/1oz Block

Beeswax has a multitude of uses in and around the workshop and is excellent for muzzle loading lubricants.  Use this 100% pure beeswax for lubricating and coating your saw blades and tools. With a spot of beeswax, saw blades will cut smoothly through metal without ‘catching’ making sawing much easier and reducing the amount of broken blades.


1 000 Ft

250 in stock



Length: 75mm
Width: 25mm
Depth/Height: 15mm
Weight of Product: 28g
Material: Beeswax
  • Apply to saw blades to help glide smoothly through metal
  • Wax and coat cord, thread and silks when beading to prevent fraying
  • Casting pieces using the lost wax method
  • Polish and seal oxidised silver to prolong oxidisation
  • Picking up and holding small stones and beads in place whilst setting
  • Rubbed onto a surface for transferring designs
  • Polish up stones and sea glass for a natural shine
  • Drawing wire through a drawplate
  • Wood restoration
  • Lubricating steel burrs HSS drill bits and steel tools

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