Choate Ultimate Varmint Rifle Stock Remington 700 ADL 1.25″ Barrel Channel Synthetic Black


The Ultimate Sniper Stock features a completely adjustable cheekpiece and buttpad for a perfect fit. A rear elevation screw, coupled with an angled forend, provides precise elevation adjustments. Includes flush mounted sling swivel studs on the left and right, front and rear. The aluminum bedding block free-floats up to a 1-1/4″ bull barrel while the 2-1/2″ wide forearm provides a steady shot. Length of pull is 13-1/4″ and can be adjusted in 3/4″, 1/2″ or 1/4″ increments using spacers (sold separately). The bottom of stock is heavily serrated behind pistol grip and has a fine elevation adjustment knob that is removable. Durable polymer construction with a lifetime guarantee. Trigger guard is molded into stock, and wide enough to allow use of trigger with gloves. Set of grade 8 tool steel receiver screws included as well as a standard 1/2″ cheeckpiece as well as a 7/8″ tall cheeckpiece.


58 500 Ft

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The Choate Sniper and Varmint ADL stocks will work with Remington® Model 700™ ADL and BDL firearms. The ADL uses a blind magazine well, the BDL uses a hinged floorplate. The BDL will work with the Choate® ADL stocks, but once installed it will have a blind bottom magazine. Modification by a gunsmith is necessary to allow the use of a hinged floorplate with Choate® Sniper and Varmint stocks.


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