Do-All Outdoors Blast Back Automatic Pop-Up Target .22 Calibre Rimfire AP22

Do-All Outdoors Blast Back Automatic Pop-Up targets .22 Caliber AP22 makes blasting targets with your .22 caliber weapon a much less time-consuming activity. Instead of walking all the way down to the target after shooting, simply blast the black reset target to the far right of the Do-All Outdoors .22 Caliber Blast Back target to return the other three targets to their initial upright position. This Do-All Outdoors target has a solid, wide-set base that won’t get knocked over, and it also includes ground spikes for extra stability. High visibility targets improve the usability of this Do-All Outdoors product, even in low-light situations, and the solid steel deflection plate ensures your bullets won’t ricochet back at you. The Do-All Blast Back .22 Automatic Pop-Up target takes all the legwork out of target shooting.


80 550 Ft

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  • Designed for .22 caliber weapons
  • Four high-visibility targets and one black reset target
  • Hit the reset target to reset other targets to initial position
  • Durable steel construction
  • Wide base and included ground spikes prevent tip-over

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