GG&G Dovetailed Gas Blocks Flip Up Front Sight

The GG&G Flip Up Front Sight For Dovetailed Gas Blocks replaces the standard removable AR15 sights, since many shooters feel the original sights are cumbersome to use, too easily misplaced, and distracting when optical sights are deployed. The GG&G Flip Sight For AR15 lets you trade out the original sight for one that is easy to install, simple to deploy, weighs in at only 3.2 ounces and includes a mechanical locking detent system. These GG&G Sights can easily be installed by the operator onto the AR-15 dovetailed gas block with only an Allen wrench, which is included. Once installed, the GG&G Gas Block Sight can remain in place, as it can be raised or lowered instantly.


115 450 Ft

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The GG&G Flip Up Rail-Mounted Front Sight includes protective "ears" on either side of the sight post, with gripping serrations that let you raise and lower the sight assembly more easily in combat environments. Thanks to the mechanical locking detent, the GG&G Front Sight cannot be accidentally lowered. To lower the flip-up sight, the operator only has to push a button. When in the upright position, it provides the same command height as the original AR15 or M16 front sight, and can be co-witnessed with red dot optics. To ensure flexibility, GG&G Tacticall assembles this combat-ready rifle sight with use standard military sight components. The GG&G Flip Up Front Sight For AR15 with Dovetailed Gas Blocks is manufactured from solid 4140 billet chrome moly steel and is bead blasted and manganese phosphated to provide a non-reflective, corrosion resistant matte black finish meeting mil-spec requirements. All edges on these GG&G Sights have been dehorned to protect the shooter, making this AR15 rail mount front sight one of the most popular among shooters in civilian, police, and military circles.

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