Hakko Reflex Sight BED-5 Superb

The Hakko BED-5 Superb is the latest in a line of full-frame scopes. The model has the widest field of view, equal to 17.8 m by 100 m, as well as a new mounting device on the weapon, allowing the lowest setting. The MR-02 (Multi Reticle) version has 4 interchangeable aiming marks and provides individual settings for different situations and personal preferences. The choice of the reticle is carried out using the block located on the left of the sight body. The BED-5 has become the company’s most popular sight among fans of tactical rifles and shotguns.

The BED-5 MR02, like other collimators, does not have a fixed focal length. This means that it can be installed at any distance from the eye. However, the safety of the shooter’s eyes and face must be taken into account when installing. This distance is estimated at 75 mm for most calibres.

The sight has high-quality Japanese-made optical elements. Ruby-coated lenses are additionally coated with 27 layers of a proprietary coating for bright and contrasting images in all weather conditions, even in low light. The block for adjusting the brightness of the aiming reticle has 11 positions. A backlight switch-off point is located between each of them. This innovation eliminates the need for the shooter to turn the regulator for a long time in the direction of turning off the backlight. The scope lenses are protected by proprietary aluminium alloy covers. They provide maximum protection for optics, both from mechanical damage and from moisture and snow.

The collimator is equipped with a built-in Weaver / Picatinny rail base with separate locks. The locks are equipped with stoppers, the front lock is additionally adjustable in length. The company guarantees a reliable and durable installation of the sight on any calibre of hand-held small arms.



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Country of Origin Japan
Manufacturer Hakko
Sight mount Weaver
Collimator type Closed
Weight 245 g
Brightness Control 11
Objective diameter 36 mm
Working hours 100 h
The number of reticle 4
Model BED-5 Superb
Manufacturer's warranty 1 year
Working temperature from -20 to +50 C
Water tightness Yes
Removal of the exit pupil Unlimited
Gas filling Yes
Correction step 1/2 MOA 14mm at 100m
Battery 1xCR2032
Reticle size 4 MOA
Adjusting brightness Manual
Number of brand brightness modes eleven
Field of view at 100m 17.8 m
Brand country Japan
Dimensions (edit) 114x72x72 mm
Equipment Sight
Covers 2pcs

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