Lee Cutter W/Ball Grip #90275

Lee Precision Case Cutter and Ball Grip 90275 allows you to trim cases more comfortably and with less hassle than with a standard trimmer. These powerful gunsmith and reloading tools are designed to trim away expanded metal from a bullet casing, returning it to its uniform size so you can use it again with perfect accuracy. Many trimmers require you to pinch and turn a small metal piece with nothing but a bit of knurling for grip. Not so with the Lee Ball Grip Case Trimmer; Lee Precision has taken their standard case cutting tool and outfitted it with an ergonomic wooden ball grip. No more do you have to pinch that small metal cutter; now you can grip a palm-sized ball for maximum leverage with a minimum of strain. They may not be as fast as a drill-powered trimmer, but these Lee reloading tools give you lots of efficiency for only a little money. Don’t let your hands complain about trimming cases; give them a break by using the Lee Precision Wooden Ball Grip Case Cutting Tool.


4 950 Ft

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Features of Lee Bullet Cutter w/ Ball Grip:

  • Professional grade casing trimmer with ball grip
  • Wooden ball grip improves leverage and control while trimming cases
  • When combined with length gauge, creates perfectly sized casings every time
  • Can be used with or without ball grip

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