Magload Option 3 Loader (BLACK)

This will present a cartridge just outside the chamber which can be knocked in right after the buzzer on an empty start.

Whilst not our innovation, our take on this invaluable piece of kit gives you rock solid reliability and an effortless directional release. If you don’t have one, you probably should. Click on the 3D view below to learn more.

It’s a simple device – It’ll allow you to have a cartridge ready at the chamber mouth for an empty start.

Get the super smooth and fast option 3 reload you always dreamed of.

This version is supplied with industrial self adhesive Velcro hook and loop fastening to allow it to be easily added and removed from the gun. The Velcro will need to be cut to size.

For a more permanent mount we suggest 3M Licence Plate double sided foam tape (not supplied).

Note: the standard Option 3 Loader is designed for right handed guns, if you require one for a left handed gun (ejection from the left hand side) please leave a note in the order


8 750 Ft

6 in stock


  • Magnetic retention
  • Geometry designed to hold a round as securely as needed
  • Easy, directional release
  • Self adhesive velcro supplied
  • Fast empty start loads
  • Custom colour options available

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