North Mountain Full Moon Clip Belt Holder

4 Post holder.

These moon clip holders are available in single and multiple post configurations to fit any moon clip/cartridge configuration.

Your moonclips require no modification to work with this system.

They are light weight, under 10 oz for a 4 post holder.

8 loaded moon clips are held in less than 8 inches of belt space.

There are no “O” rings to grab the moon clip during reloads.

Moon clips are held in place by tension of the angled Kydex body during movement.

Holder is held on belt by loops integrated into the Kydex body so that it may be easily installed or removed by the shooter.

Designed for use in IPSC/USPSA and ICORE competition.

Fits .38 Special /.38 Super 6-7 shot, .40/10mm 6 shot, or .45 ACP 6 shot

The posts are 1/2 inch +/- , All moon clips are not the same so please measure you moon clips to make sure they fit. Some moon clips have less than a 1/2″ opening so be sure of the opening size before ordering.


84 450 Ft

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