OTIS stainless steel cleaning brush

OTIS stainless steel cleaning brush


OTIS stainless steel cleaning brush.The OTIS universal double-sided brush with stainless steel bristles is an indispensable tool for the regular maintenance of a firearm.

Perfect cleanliness

This cleaning tool will get you to all hard-to-reach places on a gun, revolver, or rifle.There are remnants of carbon, copper, oily sediment and other impurities. Brushes feature a special design with a double finish. A larger brush offers a contoured row of bristles for cleaning open areas, while short, stiff and narrow bristles at the opposite end are used at hard-to-reach places.


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4 950 Ft

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OTIS stainless steel cleaning brush


Benefits you need to know about:

  • universal firearm cleaning tool
  • remove carbon, copper, oil and other sediments
  • extra resistant stainless steel bristles
  • shaped wide brush
  • small brush for hard to reach places
  • easy to use
  • long life



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