Parker Hale Express Gun Oil 125ml

Express Gun Oil has been specially developed by Parker Hale for the lubrication of guns and rifles and is suitable for all climates and conditions. It contains a special rust inhibitor to help protect your gun or rifle making it the ideal choice for the shooting man.

Light Mineral Oil

Express Gun Oil is made from a light mineral oil, and although designed for guns and rifles, is also highly suitable for many other uses requiring a high grade, light lubricating oil. It combines penetration, rust inhibition and cleaning power with the correct viscosity to make it the first choice for the gun enthusiast.

Gun Maintenance

A good quality gun or rifle is an expensive purchase, but with reasonable care and maintenance will last you a lifetime. This means keeping it clean and rust free, and keeping moving parts well lubricated.

The chamber and bore should be cleaned with something like Youngs ‘303’, but for moving parts you need to use Express Gun Oil or something similar. This can also be used to wipe over the outside of the gun prior to storage at the end of the season.


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A light mineral oil for moving parts of guns, rifles or pistols. Contains a special rust inhibitor

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