Real Avid Gun Tool Pro-X

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference. With Gun Tool Pro-X we’ve replaced the onboard storage compartment with a removable magnetic LED light, perfect for inspection of hard to reach dark areas of your firearm. Plus, we’ve added a formed, ballistic nylon sheath so that you can keep the Gun Tool Pro-X close at hand while you’re in the field or on the range. Because running back to the truck is not an option.

Two bit drivers and double-sided bits

Two bit drivers located at the front and on the side of the frame handle your precision adjustments and high torque jobs, respectively. Eight square-cut, hollow ground bits ride right onboard in a spring-loaded hatch.

  • T10 Torx
  • T15 Torx
  • T20 Torx
  • #2 Phillips
  • 3/16″ Flat
  • 3/32″ Flat

Allen® drivers on extended shafts offer reach

Allen wrenches on 2.5″ steel shafts allow you to reach deep into recesses to make precision adjustments on firearms, optics, and accessories.

All tools to disassemble, adjust, maintain

Onboard and at the ready are a tap hammer for stubborn pins, fine and ultra fine metal files for deburring and polishing, a universal choke wrench for all gauges 12 – .410, and a special scope turret tool.

Put the light where you need it

A removable, magnetic LED quickly positions wherever you need light to see tiny parts or make precision adjustments even at night, and allows you to keep both hands free for the work.

Surgically sharp claw point blade

The claw-point pattern blade on a liner lock is 2.5 inches in length and scalpel sharp to handle all of your everyday cutting operations.

Ballistic nylon sheath carries the tool

The tool fits in the heavy-duty ballistic nylon sheath, easily carried on your belt so it’s there, at the ready, whenever you need it.


22 550 Ft

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Removable magnetic LED light
1/4” bit driver
Ballistic nylon belt sheath
14 firearm-specific Torx®, Allen®, Phillips® and flat drivers/bits
1/4” bit wrench for extra torque
2.5” claw-point knife blade
Scope turret tool
Two metal files
Lanyard loop
Choke wrench fits 6 gauges .410 to 10
Tap hammer
Pin punch

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