Redman .525 Magazine Tube Blued

Magazine Tube Replacements

How many old Winchesters have you seen with dented or cut magazine tubes? If you have ever tried to make a replacement magazine tube out of an old barrel or tried to find a replacement, you will value these magazine tubes available to you. Many an old Winchester could be restored to a good shooter with a good magazine tube and that means profits for you! These replacement magazine tubes are made with top quality material and craftsmanship. The tubes come in the white and must be faced on both ends and drilled for the end plug. They are a little longer than needed to allow for a perfect fit.

21 450 Ft

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O.D. #1 (approximately .522″ O.D.) Fits:
Win. 1892 25-20, 32-20; Win. 1873 32-20.
Some Marlins such as 1894, if magazine tube is same size as Win.
Longer Magazine tube: Approximately 24-1/2″ (ok for rifle & carbine)