RPP Adjustable Peep Sight 137 – Traditional .095″ Peep Sight (Low Light)

RPP Adjustable Peep Sight 137 – Traditional .095″ Peep Sight (Low Light)

RPP Adjustable Peep Sight 137 – Traditional .095″ Peep Sight (Low Light). Due to popular demand, we’ve integrated our innovative, patent-pending CloverLeaf Peep Sight aperture springs with our ultra tough RHINO picatinny rail design. The new two-piece product incorporates the best of both lines, and even improves upon our original rail, bringing down the overall rail height for one of the lowest scope mounting heights available. This is a terrific benefit on Marlin and Henry lever action rifles with dropped comb butt stocks.

RAIL HEIGHT: .28” (low rings!)



WINDAGE: Side-to-side (using set screw)

SIGHT HEIGHT ELEVATION: .26″ – .36″ (using set screw)

Fits Marlin & Henry Rifle Caliber Rifles (ALL MODELS): calibers 30-30, 35 Rem, 308, 338, 38-55, 410, 444, 45/70 Govt, 450M

DOES NOT fit Henry or Marlin pistol caliber rifles; smaller receiver holes are not drilled / tapped in the same place.

IN THE PACKAGE: One 5.5″ inch long picatinny rail with mounting screws and Allen wrench; one peep aperture spring w/windage and elevation screws 

NOTE: Traditional open/round peep sight option comes with one .095″ aperture screwed into the round peep hole; .060″ and .125″ additional apertures available 

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RPP Adjustable Peep Sight 137 - Traditional .095" Peep Sight (Low Light)


Works with your factory front sight. Fiber optic front sight heights:

Key Features Of Adjustable Picatinny Rail:

  • Mount your scope as low as it will go! At only .28" tall, the picatinny rail along with the low-profile peep sight allows users use low scope rings to get the best cheek to butt stock shooting position (accepts most standard and Weaver rings)
  • The 5.5" long rail has a broad, tapered sight channel and the sight is mounted amidships vs. rear allowing for flexible fore/aft scope mounting
  • Patent pending one-piece peep sight aperture spring assembly offers robust, repeatable adjustment (windage and elevation quick turn screws)
  • Low-profile aperture height elevations (from .26" - .36"). For Marlin Firearms rifles, if you like your front sight, you can keep your front sight. Seriously. No, we mean it. For Henry's, some come with a pretty tall front sight so you may need a shorter front sight.
  • Patent-pending CloverLeaf aperture options provide an exceptionally large, bright target picture while still allowing for scope-like, precise shot placement
  • Multiple aperture spring assembly options include:
    1. CloverLeaf fiber optic peep (yellow or orange) / spring assembly
    2. CloverLeaf peep /spring assembly
    3. Traditional open / round aperture peep / spring assembly with one .095" screw-in aperture (additional aperture sizes available: .060" and .125")
  • Machined from premium 7075 aluminum and mil-spec anodized
  • Mil-spec picatinny rail (not compatible with Weaver picatinny spec mounts)
  • Sight designed to be used with scope removed


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