Troy Ambidextrous Bolt Release

Cleaning and reloading are more convenient than ever when you come prepared with the Troy Ambidextrous Bolt Release Tool. Ambidextrous to eliminate hand changeovers, these AR15 Parts from the engineers at Troy Industries give you superior control over your rifle when you need it most. Perfect for firearm cleaning and reloading after a malfunction, the Troy Ambidextrous Bolt Release Device releases or holds bolts open with one hand, meaning you spend less time fumbling with tools and get back to shooting as soon as possible. made in specialized factories from hardened aircraft grade aluminum, the Troy Ambidextrous Aluminum Bolt Release is ready to endure years and years of adjustments at home and in the field.


16 150 Ft

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Specifications for Troy Bolt Release:

Material: Hardened Aircraft Aluminum
Hand: Ambidextrous

Features of Troy One Handed Bolt Release:

  • One handed operation
  • Ideal for firearm cleaning or reloading after a malfunction
  • Eliminates hand changeovers
  • Improves control over your rifle
  • Made from hardened aircraft aluminum

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