Uni Dot Luma Ring Sight W/Interchangeable Red/Green Fiber Optics

The UniDot Luma Ring Glowing Aperture Sight With Interchangeable Red Green Fibre Optics is a great fibre optic sight for turkey hunters. UniDot Luma ring sight has a bright fluorescent dot, which appears once once the sights are aligned. The Glowing Ring Sight by Uni Dotis also supplied with substitutable red and green rods and chemical illumination technology allowing performing the shooting in a precise manner even in the dark. Uni dot Luma Ring Sight is built of rugged anodized aluminium and uses 3 sets of polymer mounting rails that easily snaps on the rib of most shot guns. It is also available in Adhesive Mount Style. Additionally, Luma Ring Sight by Uni Dot used as a distance indicator, giving the idea how far the target is located.

Uni Dot


11 990 Ft

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Features of Unidot Luma Ring Glowing Aperture Sight:

  • Bright fiber optic allows attaining fast targets
  • Illumination technology allowing shooting in the low light and no light (night time) conditions
  • Elimination of dominant eye cross-over.

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