Twice as many barrels means twice the fun – This has never been so true than in the latest release from WE the E17A – affectedly what this is is two pistols combined to form one doubled barrelled pistol. The upper slide features two ejection ports (mirrored on the left and right side) a single set of sites that have been centralised and a single slide catch on the left hand side of the weapon. The lower features two triggers (that are connected to the same assembly so they function as one – no need to pull both at the same time) and one magazine release on the left side of the weapon. The magazine again is two Glock magazines that have been jointed to feed the two separate chambers. There is just one fill valve at the base of the mag leading to a huge single gas reservoir that powers the pistol. As it has twice the gas the kick on this weapon is immense and really throws your hand back when you fire it – due to the two barrels and two feeding chambers from the magazine this means that each shot sends two BB’s down range only an inch apart.

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135 250 Ft

Fire Mode: Semi
Magazine Capacity: 50 Rounds
Power: Green Gas
Velocity: 320 FPS using .20g BBs
Fire Selector: Semi
Magazine Capacity: 50 Rounds

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SKU 110496
Brand WE (Wei Tech)
Powered By Gas
FPS 301 - 350
Variant/Platform Glock

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