Winchester .38 Special Nickel Cases – Once Fired (Pkt 100)

Winchester .38 Special Nickel Cases – Once Fired


Nickel Reloading Cases Are The Shining Gems Of The Reloading Industry.

38 SPL Nickel Winchester once fired brass polished inside and out. Matching head stamps Reading 38 Spl Winchester. Bagged in 100 pc lots  (price per 100 Count.)

Anti Corrosive

  • Nickel plated brass Prevents corrosion, A common type of green colored corrosion that can be found on brass casings is known as Verdigris.  This corrosion most commonly occurs when brass casings are in contact with leather such as the gun belt worn by The Lone Ranger where ammunition is stored in cartridge loops.  The tannins found in leather are capable of turning traditional brass cased ammunition an ugly shade of green.  Nickel plated casings are more immune to Verdigris as a result of nickel’s natural corrosion resistance and this is why Nickel  casings were “Lone Ranger Approved”! Nickel plated casings have been used for years in premium self-defense ammunition by law enforcement agencies and informed shooters alike.

 Smooth Feeding

  • The other main advantage to nickel-plated brass casings is their ability to feed more smoothly than traditional brass casings.  According to production managers, this improved cycling is a result of nickel’s natural quality of having a lower friction coefficient than brass.  This lower friction results in a nickel-plated brass casing being able to feed and extract more smoothly in semi-automatic firearms, improving performance and reducing the chance of gun jams.


  • Nickel coated brass is much easier to clean than standard brass and will stay cleaner longer. Nickel coated brass has a very slippery surface which carbon and dirt don’t readily adhere to and comes clean easily. It takes half as much time in a vibratory case cleaner for nickel to come clean.

    Standard brass requires the more expensive ground walnut shell media for vibratory case cleaners and the addition of some kind of brass polish Like the Media Modifier we sell on site . Nickel will come shiny clean even with the untreated corn cob media.


  • Many people find that ammo assembled with nickel-coated brass is more attractive because it is silver in color and shinier. Because nickel cases are relatively rare, and usually included with premium ammunition, it has a higher perceived value and is viewed as being special.

    During storage, standard brass tarnishes and becomes dull over time even when left unused and exposed to nothing but air. Nickel will not.


  • Because nickel coated brass is often cleaner, stays cleaner and has a much slipperier surface than standard brass, nickel usually functions better in firearms. This is because the clean, slick surface eases the extraction of spent rounds.


5 950 Ft

50 in stock


Winchester .38 Special Nickel Cases - Once Fired



  • Newly manufactured nickel coated brass will cost more than standard brass.Because nickel coated brass comes from premium ammunition, is less common, is often horded, And do to manufacturing processes  nickel coated brass may cost as much as 25 percent more than standard brass for New or Once-fired brass.


  • Nickel coated brass will be more difficult to find than standard brass and may not be available at all for some calibers. Nickel isn't offered by all manufacturers, and isn't offered for all calibers by the ones who do offer it.

    Additionally, shooters often keep their nickel brass because it has a higher perceived value to them and came with expensive ammo to begin with.

    Because of this, the nickel plated variety will be difficult to come by, even among shooters who sell their spent casings.


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